Hi, I am Susan Bowman, the owner of 7B Energy Wellness Center

My healing journey

Through my entire adult life, I have faced autoimmune conditions that I struggled to heal. When I had my first son in 2001, my autoimmune condition started to rage and I got increasingly sick. The second time I gave birth in 2006, my body just gave out, and soon after I stopped sleeping. Without proper sleep, the body cannot heal and I became a shell of a person sometimes getting only a few hours of sleep a week, which brought on hallucinations and much suffering and pain.

I have been to dozens of doctors, both MD and Naturopaths. I sought herbalists, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, nutritionists, hormonal, energy healing, and many more healing modalities both alternative and conventional. All pharmaceuticals made my condition worse. Many of the natural healing modalities helped, but I could never really get rid of the insomnia or the all-over body pain.

While visiting my son in Phoenix in 2022, I decided to try an Energy Enhancement System center. I walked out after a 2-hour session and for the first time in 20 years, I felt no pain. As a bonus, my old frozen shoulders healed as did my knee which was inflamed from an old ACL repair. After 20 years of all-over body pain, this miracle was so impressive that I decided to open my own EES center because I want everyone to be able to heal whatever they are facing. I knew I could not keep this to myself and 7B Energy Wellness Center was born.

I am so excited to bring the EE System to Sandpoint/Ponderay. 7B Energy Wellness is the only EES center within 3 hours of Sandpoint. There are over 360 centers over the world with most being in the USA.