How does it work?

The EE System generates two types of energy: Photon collision, and Scalar waves.

When you are in the 7B Energy Wellness Center all you have to do is sit or lie down in our comfortable recliners. The energy field in the room allows you to get into a super relaxed state within just minutes. Some people feel the energy field and some do not. There are no contraindications for the EE System so whatever health concerns you are facing, it is safe to be inside the energy field for all ages.

This state-of-the-art technology creates a torsion energy field to recalibrate your body’s natural frequencies that is amplified with functional color therapy and photonic absorption to stimulate DNA repair. As a result, you’re not just self-healing, you’re achieving a higher state of health and consciousness. Multiple bio-active energy fields work in concert to supercharge your cellular voltage, improve circulation, and increase oxygenation. This synergetic approach empowers your body to rejuvenate and find its way back to a balanced state of homeostasis.

The energy field allows both hemispheres of your brain to balance. Besides the function of storing your genetic information, another function of DNA is to store light. The EES photonic field (light therapy) is absorbed into the body. Absorbingthis light is conducive to DNA repair. Achieving a state of homeostasis allows a natural healing and rejuvenation process to unfold. The inventor of the 

EE System, Dr Michael, says that you are literally breathing in this healing light while in a room with the system.

Every cell in your body has an electrical charge. The optimal charge is 70 

millivolts, while someone with a disease may have a charge of 20 millivolts or lower. While in the EE System, your body can charge its cells. This charge allows your body to heal itself.

Scalar Waves

The EE System also generates scalar waves. These non-linear waves that occur naturally in nature have the ability to carry information and travel faster than the speed of light.

There is much scientific research on the EE System. Please read more here:

Will I heal in the EE System?

Results will vary because everyone is on an individual journey. Some people receive healing in one 2-hour session as I did. Others may take longer and there are no guarantees; remember that the EE System is not a medical device and it does not heal you, it provides the energy field in which your body can heal itself. Healing is multi-faceted and depends on many factors such as how long you have had a condition, how far it has progressed, the diet you eat, your stress level, your environment and much more. The body will work on the most pressing issues and we are sometimes not aware of what those are.

Perhaps the best way to know how the EE System has helped people is to hear it from them. There are numerous testimonials found on the Unifyd Healing website. Unifyd is the public relations arm of the EE System company. Please visit the testimonial page where you can search by keywords or simply watch the videos and/or read the written testimonials.

How will EES affect my mental health?

Your mind and your body are connected and physical and mental health go hand in hand. From my personal experience, I have found that being in the EE System promotes a blissful feeling where it is impossible to have a bad thought. Many others have reported this same feeling. I have also experienced greater clarity and calm from my time at other centers. There are numerous healing testimonials for mental healing including anxiety and depression. The EE System assists in balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, the EE System is safe for everyone no matter what age. There are no contraindications for this technology. That said, very young children can become quite activated in the energy field. This is just an indication of how good they feel while in the energy.

Can pets heal in the EE System?

The short answer is –Yes. This will depend on several factors including how sick the pet is.

How do we know that the EE System is not just a placebo effect? Because pets also heal in the EE System and pets are not subject to the placebo effect which is a human condition. Placebo is Latin for ‘I will please’ and refers to a treatment that appears real, but is designed to have no therapeutic benefit. While pet owners always want their furry friends to heal, the placebo effect does not work on animals. 7B Energy offers hours for pets. See the pricing information.