Pricing for ages 18 and over is per person. See below for children and pets.

We are a proud member of Unifyd Healing. If you are member of Unifyd, you receive a 10% discount.

  • 1 hour $55.00
  • 2 hours $105.00 (this is optimal for your first time)
  • 3 hours $155.00
  • 4 hours $205.00
  •  5 hours $255.00
  •  6 hours $300.00
  •  7 hours $345.00
  •  8 hours $390.00

Off hour pricing: If you need to come in during hours that we are NOT normally open, this can be arranged for a $25.00 per hour charge.

Please also see package deals below where you can get the price down to $25 per hour.

Private sessions: If you want to be alone in the EE room, please consider an overnight. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for a private session. 


All children must be accompanied by an adult. Kids 14 and up can be dropped off or drive in on their own if they are well behaved or do not need special assistance. Children may not run around or be disruptive. This is a center where people are coming to heal and relax. If your child is disruptive, please instead consider doing a private session or take advantage of off hours reservation to be respectful of others. For off hours reservations, the $25.00 fee will be waived for children and their parents.


(Note that accompanying adults are full price and all children from newborn to 13 must be accompanied by an adult):

  • newborn to 5: free
  • 6-13 year olds – $15.00 per hour
  • 14-17 year olds – $20.00 per hour
  • Overnight pricing is below. Children are allowed for overnight sessions*
  • Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-7 are kid hours when kids up to 13 are FREE. Accompanying adult is full price, or see package deals. Other times can be arranged by calling the center

*Note for children: keep in mind that the EES equipment cannot be touched at all or the calibration will be lost and it will cost $3,000 to realign the equipment, which you will be responsible for.


  • Pricing: $15 per pet for a 2-hour session, 10 for a one hour session. Accompanying adult is full price.
  • Overnights for pets are $75.00.

Pets are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Please sign up by calling us so that we can determine the appropriate hours for you and your pet.

For overnights with pets we have 3 sizes of pet beds here but feel free to bring your own as they are not allowed on the people beds due to allergies of clients. Kitties can stay in their carrier so be sure that they will be comfortable. I am not a cat owner so if you have special circumstances, we can discuss them.

Every pet is different just like people, please call us to discuss your particular pet’s situation and we will try our best to accommodate you. We want pets to heal too and there are many good reports of pet healing.


    • Cats in carriers at all times and dogs on leash at all times.
    • Dogs must be well behaved and pets must be flea free.
    • Only one dog at a time will be allowed unless they come from the same household. Alternatively, you can schedule pets outside of regular hours for an extra $25.00 per hour.
    • You must clean up your pet waste and dispose of it in the dumpster. Please do not ruin it for other pet owners by not cleaning up after your pet. Bring pet waste bags.
    • Accidents will happen. If they happen in the EE room, clean them up immediately. For overnights, you will have access to outdoors.
    • Cats overnight. Please bring an unused kitty litter box that you will dispose of in our dumpster or take home. Cats cannot run free in the EE room but can be let out for potty breaks.


    The overnight sessions run from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. (12 hours)
    $550.00 for one person
    Each additional adult is $100.00
    Children and pets overnight are $75.00

    All overnight sessions are private meaning that only people you know will be in the room with you. There are two queen size cabinet beds which are very comfortable. You are welcome to sleep in the power recliners as well.

    There are no shower facilities at the center. 

    It is recommended that you get a group or family together to share the experience and price.

    Healing already happens as you sleep so this is a good value because your cells are charging while you are sleeping. I have found the overnight sessions are the best bang for your buck.


    Package deals (all must be prepaid in full)

    • 20-hour package:  $800.00 (this is $40.00 per hour) SAVE $300.00
    • 30-hour package: $1,050.00 (this is $35.00 per hour) SAVE $600.00
    • 40-hour package: $1,200 (this is $30.00 per hour) SAVE $1,000.00
    • 60-hour package: $1,800 (also $30.00 per hour) SAVE $1,530.00
    • Comes with 2 free detox bath kits
    • *100-hour package: $2,500 (this is $25.00 per hour) SAVE $3,210.00

    *Comes with 2 free 2-hour sessions for friends.

    *a limited number of these will be sold per year so get them while they last!

      • Package deals cannot be used for overnights.
      • Package deals are for all of the family and can be shared with all family members, but not friends, only family.
      • Bonus!—-Children under 12 are free with package deals (up to 2 children per visit or as availability exists). Children 13-17 are half price: This means that each hour spent is counted at only a half hour for package deals.
      • One dog is free with package deals.
      • Package deals have no time limit and do not expire. But they are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


    If you want to buy gift certificates for any amount, they are available.